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Lovey Town

Exhibition Series 4: Orphans in the Storm, Fall 2014
Orphans in the Storm
October 3 – December 15, 2014

Lovey Town is pleased to announce our current exhibition Orphans in the Storm: The Pollard-Gessner Collection of Russian Avant-Garde paintings alongside works by contemporary artists Joshua Bienko, Chris Bostwick, Joey Fauerso, Andrea Ferrigno, Leslee Fraser, Todd Kelly, Dale Malner, Jason Rohlf, Gyan Shrosbree, Ellen Siebers, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Jered Sprecher, Laurel Sucsy, Hilary Wilder, and Karla Wozniak. 

A full color catalog will accompany the exhibition with an essay by Michael Jay McClure, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Beginning in 2004, brothers Ron Pollard, Roger Pollard, and their friend Bradford Gessner acquired via collectors they met on eBay over 175 artworks attributed to the Russian Avant-Garde artists of the 1910s and 1920s. The full saga around efforts to authentic the works was the subject of a 2010 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver titled From Russia With Doubt.

Despite the mystery around their origins, Ron Pollard has continued to advocate for the value of these works in terms of their ideological ambitions and formal rigor. In that spirit Orphans in the Storm seeks to shelter the works from the distracting debate about their legitimacy and instead celebrate the power of their imagery. 

Orphans in the Storm presents side-by-side exhibitions of the complete Pollard-Gessner Collection (recreated by Ron Pollard entirely in miniature) with new works created by contemporary artists who have been asked to respond to the sensibilities of the Russian Suprematists and Constructivists, now almost a century past.