Exhibition Series Volume 10
Softcover 72 pages, color.
ISBN-10: 1545020574

Volume 10: This is the exhibition catalog for "a sudden and peculiar pleasure, a feeling of protection" on view at Lovey Town from February 18 - April 1, 2017. Participating artists: André Alves, Claire Arctander, Emmy Bright, Robert Burnier, Jenny Crowe, Molly Donnermeyer, Mohamad Kanaan, Judd Morrissey, Aay Preston-Myint. Curated by Matt Morris
Exhibition Series Volume 9
Softcover, 86 pages, color.
ISBN-10: 1540858634

Volume 9: This is the exhibition catalog for "Gyan Shrosbree: The Glamour is Gone" at Lovey Town in Fall 2016. With essay by Gaby Collins-Fernandez, and interview with Gyan Shrosbree by Michael Velliquette.
Exhibition Series Volume 8
Softcover, 122 pages, color.
ISBN-10: 1536873640

Volume 8: This is the catalog for the exhibition "Knock Knock: A Cultural Exchange of Art and Jokes" on view in Berlin, Germany and Lovey Town, USA in the Spring and Summer of 2016. Participating German Artists: Sonja Gerdes, Ingo Gerken, Surya Gied, Annika Hippler, Kerstin Honeit, Susanne Keichel, Karima Klasen, Caroline Kryzecki, Ina Sangenstedt, Stefanie Seufert Participating American Artists: Rachel Bruya, Joey Fauerso, Leslee Fraser, Teresa Getty, Hope Ginsburg, Jessica Halonen, Kathleen McShane, Mollie Oblinger, Gyan Shrosbree, Claire Stigliani, Hilary Wilder
Exhibition Series Volume 7
Softcover, 92 pages, color.
ISBN-10: 1519694318

Volume 7: This is the exhibition catalog for the "Dear Artist, Congratulations!" On view at Lovey Town from October 3-December 30, 2015. Participating artists: Amy Pleasant, William Crump, Bernadette Witzack, John Parot, Leigh Anne Lester, Edra Soto, Ethel Shipton, Leeza Meksin, Dan Sullivan, Pete Schulte, Adriane Herman, Amy Boone-McCreesh. Catalog essay by Thea Liberty Nichols
Exhibition Series Volume 6
Softcover, 118 pages, color.
ISBN-10: 1516906489

Volume 6: This is the exhibition catalog for "BFA 90's", on view in Lovey Town from July 18 - September 7, 2015. Participating artists include:Alexandra Dooley, Andrea Scofield Olmstead, Baly Cooley, Carol Davis, Craig Coleman, Curt Meissner, Eli Wadley, Erin Berk, Darin Mauldin, Geoffrey Nelson, James Prez, Jess Bowers, John Orth, Katherine Sechler Stephenson, Lara Jean Lovell, Leslee Schomp, Rick Delaney, Shannon Poplin Bradley and Tim Dooley. Essays by Virginia Shearer and Michael Velliquette
Exhibition Series Volume 5
Softcover, 106 pages, color.
ISBN-10: 1508723842

Volume 5: This is the exhibition catalog for "We Got Spirit Yes We Do" featuring the work of Jorge Alegría, Rachel Bruya, Derrick Buisch, Holly Coulis, Hamlett Dobbins, Ray Easley, Scott Espeseth, Jonathan Faber, Gretchen Hedrick, Liz Miller, & Veronika Pausova. This exhibition was on view at Unity Gallery, at the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, IA from February 27-April 2, 2015.
Exhibition Series Volume 4
Softcover, 124 pages, color.
ISBN-10: 1503337626

Volume 4: This is the exhibition catalog for the exhibition "Orphans in the Storm": The Pollard-Gessner Collection of Russian Avant-Garde Paintings alongside works by contemporary artists Joshua Bienko, Chris Bostwick, Joey Fauerso, Andrea Ferrigno, Leslee Fraser, Todd Kelly, Dale Malner, Jason Rohlf, Gyan Shrosbree, Ellen Siebers, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Jered Sprecher, Laurel Sucsy, Hilary Wilder, & Karla Wozniak With essays by Michael Velliquette, Michael Jay McClure, and Ron Pollard On view at Lovey Town from October 3 - December 15, 2014
Exhibition Series Volume 3
Softcover, 132 pages, color.
ISBN-10: 1500326429

Volume 3: The exhibition catalog for "I Can't Spell Group Without A You" (A group show about group shows) May 30 - August 15, 2014 Participating Artists: Barry Roal Carlsen, Leah DeVun, Sandra Erbacher, Heyd Fontenot, Jessica Halonen, Ian Jones, Lily Kuonen, Alyssa Lingerfelt, Darrin Martin, Vanessa Mayoraz, Zach Morey, Mollie Oblinger, Amy Park, Jeremy M. Pelt, Amy Jean Porter, Beth Racette, Andrew Scott Ross, Matt Speedy, Michael Stillion, Cristina Toro, Eddie Villanueva, David Wells, Allison Wiese Catalog essay by Philip Yenawine

Exhibition Series Volume 2
Softcover, 102 pages, color.
ISBN-10: 1495465454

Volume 2: The exhibition catalog for "Friend of a Friend: a group show about artist friendships, and whose participating artists were recommended by the artists in our last show.

Participating artists include: Dessarae Bassil, Jessica Burke, Scott Dolan, Corey Escoto, George Ferrandi, Sophia Flood, Andrea Gaydos Landau, Hope Ginsburg, Meridith McNeal, Kathleen McShane, Ayanah Moor, Mark Neumann, Riley Robinson, Jim Shrosbree With essay by Janna Jones, Professor, Electronic Media & Film, Northern Arizona University.
Exhibition Series Volume 1
Softcover, 94 pages, color.
ISBN-10: 1492760560

Volume 1: Lovey Town Exhibition Series "The joy of the task was it's own reward" is the catalog for the inaugural exhibition. Featuring work by Mildred Beltre, Kelie Bowman, Cecile Chong, Christina P. Day, Joey Fauerso, Leslee Fraser, Teresa Getty, Ivan LOZANO, Marc Mitchell, John Orth, Gyan Shrosbree, Claire Stigliani, Hilary Wilder. With essay by Jen Larsen.